Baby Love with Connie Fisher 

Singer and presenter Connie Fisher tries to answer a difficult question: does she want to be a mum? Women today are waiting later than ever to start a family, but at 34, Connie feels she still doesn’t know if motherhood is for her.

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Happily married for seven years, and enjoying a thriving career, life seems good. Why complicate things with a baby if she’s not sure? Growing up as a single child, and not having much to do with kids, babies have always seemed an alien concept to Connie. But she can see the joy that children clearly bring to so many, and she worries that she and her husband will miss out if they don’t start a family soon.

In an attempt to resolve this dilemma, Connie sets out on a journey across Wales, meeting different women who have each made their own decision about motherhood. Connie hopes that by exploring the worlds of parenthood, child-free life and childlessness, she’ll be able to make an informed decision about her own path. But a seemingly straightforward journey becomes a revealing and personal quest as, to her surprise, Connie unearths her own complicated feelings about motherhood.

Produced and Directed: Emily Hogan Turner

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