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Nearly 3 Billion Nappies are thrown away in the UK each year but now The Nappi Cycle are recycling nappies and using them to create road surfaces, Lucy Siegle goes to investigate.

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Britain is estimated to throw 3 billion used nappies away each year, all filling our ready overloaded landfill sites. But a South Wales-based company have devised a unique & useful way of re-utilising them to benefit road users.  Lucy Siegle heads to Natural Ltd and speaks with CEO Rob Power to learn about their Nappi Cycle and to discover the potentially far-reaching environmental implications of this project.

Nappy roads could reduce landfill waste considerably — with the added benefit of making our roads stronger, meaning they’ll last twice as long.

The concept has taken 12 years to research and develop, Wales has had its very first ‘nappy road’, with another due to go down very soon.  8 local authorities in Wales currently supply the plant with used nappies, with plans afoot to recruit more.

The 3-minute insert film aired on the 29th of June 2022 
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