Make Wales Happy

Happiness – what is it, why is it so important, and how can we attain it? These are some of the questions that Make Wales Happy tackles to mark the first-ever Welsh Happiness Day. Across this one-hour live extravaganza, Alex Jones and Jason Mohammad are joined by a host of scientists, sports stars, comedians, singers and dancers, all with a single purpose – to make the nation happier.

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To achieve this, they explore what causes us to feel pleasure, euphoria and contentment; investigate how our own biology controls our ability to be happy; and reveal how doing just a few simple things could brighten your mood, boost your health and even put you firmly on the path to success. Using stunts, demonstrations, experiments and audience participation, the team lift the lid on the secrets of happiness.

In the studio, volunteers discover why pain-inducing chillies are the ultimate in mood food. We meet three macho rugby players who have swapped mauls for meditation to see what difference it brings to their lives – and their brains.

Our stopwatches are primed as judges from the Guinness Book of Records drop by to oversee an audacious attempt to try and break a world record. Comedian Mike Bubbins turns human guinea pig as he tries to find out if money really can buy him happiness, and he investigates whether he is better at bonding with a dog or a rock.

Happiness researcher Bronwyn Tarrr guides us through the latest scientific findings and uncovers the surprising truth about singing, dancing and sex. Athletic legend and happiest man on the planet Kriss Akabusi pops in to explain the importance of physical activity, how it changed his life and how running for just one hour a week could protect us from mental health problems.

Neuroscientist Tali Sharot demonstrates that, despite what many might claim, just about every human being is in reality an optimist. In fact, our brains are hardwired to deal with the good news and ignore the bad. Tali also reveals how this ability is one of the keys to our species’ success.

We also try and pick up tips from the happiest nation on the planet, as a party from Wales’s Nigerian community join us in the studio to explain how they have a totally different relationship with happiness. Finally, bad girl-turned-therapist Lynette Webb tries to get the whole audience involved in a spectacle of mass participation.

Series Producer; Duncan Bulling
Directed by David Coleman
Produced by Huw Crowley and Charlotte Evans

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