Hayley Goes…

Created for BBC One Wales, BBC Three and BBC One and as a co-production with Little Bird Films. Hayley Pearce returns for a brand new, six-part series as she puts to the test the lifestyle choices that affect her generation today


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Hayley Goes.. Sober

Like many people her age, 29-year-old Hayley Pearce loves a drink. She started on the booze when she was just 15 and still enjoys nothing more than the odd ‘all dayer’. But with recent studies revealing that nearly a third of 16-24 year olds now don’t drink at all, Hayley wants to understand what’s behind the growing teetotal trend among young people.

To find out, she’ll attempt to go sober for four weeks to explore the impact that regular drinking can have on our bodies, mental health and social lives. From hard-hitting reality checks to hypnotherapy, from social influencers to sober raves, Hayley will be forced to face up to her boozy past and confront sobriety head on. As she attempts to swap her beloved red wine for four weeks on the soft stuff, what does she learn about herself? And is it sobering stuff?

Hayley Goes… Maternal

Hayley loves kids – other people’s, that is. At 29 years old, she’s the average age of a first time mum in Britain, yet she doesn’t seem to have a maternal bone in her body. But with Hayley’s biological clock ticking and many of her friends having already given birth, she decides it’s time to embrace motherhood, Hayley-style!

From midwife training to taking care of an all-crying, all-screaming simulation baby, Hayley takes a walk on her maternal side for two weeks. Facing up to her fertility fears, she’ll meet a woman who fought to be sterilized at 30 and a 51-year-old who made history after becoming Britain’s oldest mother of quads. As she explores what it means to become a ‘mam’, will it make her feel broody for the first time in her life?

Hayley Goes… Old Skool

At 29 years old, Hayley had never thought about getting old. With no elderly relatives to hang out with, she’s only ever known the young and carefree. But a short stint as a carer opened her eyes to the devastating effects of dementia, failing health and loneliness. Now, Hayley is terrified of going grey and wants to uncover the true effects of ageing. As she embraces growing old for two weeks, she explores what ageing does to our health, looks and quality of life.

From wearing a high-tech ageing suit to attempting a 170ft abseil with 86-year-old Dilys Price, and from putting in a shift as a carer at a residential home to pranking her mates with an OAP makeover, will Hayley see older people in a whole new light? And will the experience allow Hayley to come to terms with what old age has in store for her?

Hayley Goes… Pumping Iron

Hayley is always looking for new ways to keep in shape, but the latest fitness trend has got her feeling curious. With her social media feed full of women with muscles, Hayley wants to find out what it takes to get the strong look and if it’s a lifestyle that can work for her. From female bodybuilders to Brazilian bum lifts, celebrity strong girls to fitness short cuts, Hayley will delve into a world of diets, dumbbells and determination. As she pushes her body to its limits, she’ll see if she has what it takes to get muscles in just four weeks and find out if it’s possible to look strong and sexy.

Hayley Goes… Offline

Hayley is never without her smartphone. Social media connects her to her mates, keeps her up to date with celebrity gossip, and it’s even how she gets her news. But what is it doing to her self-esteem and mental health? To find out, Hayley attempts to give up her smartphone for two weeks to explore the impact that being switched on and connected 24/7 has on our lives.

As she struggles to adjust to life out of the loop, she’s shocked to discover just how reliant she is on her smartphone and the dangers that living life through a lens can bring. From pop stars to psychologists, brain scans to BBC Newsbeat, Hayley will explore the pressures of being online and the realities of the fake lives and fake news that are filling our social media feeds. And after her two-weeks are up, will she ditch her smartphone forever? Or are some habits simply too hard to break?

Hayley Goes… Vegan

Hayley’s a self-confessed meat and dairy lover who just can’t get enough of her beloved steak and cheese. And she’s never even thought about what it takes to get a sirloin on to her plate and milk in to her fridge. So how will she cope with her latest challenge – going vegan – for two weeks?

Facing up to the animals in her fridge, in her wardrobe and on her skin, Hayley wants to understand what the growing vegan trend is all about. From farmers and footballers to activists and models, Hayley meets people on all sides of the debate.

Exploring the world of diets, fitness and animal welfare, Hayley wants to see if a plant-based lifestyle could work for her. She finds a novel way to get her much-needed cheese fix and faces up to the reality of meat production during a visit to an abattoir. But at the end of the two weeks, will she give up her carnivore lifestyle or will the lure of a Saturday night kebab just be too much? This might just be the hardest thing she’s ever done.


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