Desperate To Drive

In Cardiff, there’s a unique driving centre that transforms lives. Every day, through illness or accident, people have had their licence taken away. But at the centre, these ‘higher-risk drivers’ are given the chance to prove they are safe to be on the roads.

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To lose the ability to drive is to lose independence, status and quite often their livelihoods.

Many drivers go to the centre with the great hope of getting back behind the wheel while others attend reluctantly, fearing they may be taken off the road forever.

The driving assessors face huge dilemmas each day – they must decide if people can have the freedom they desperately want but if they make the wrong decision they put the public at risk.

We follow the fortunes of four drivers – whose driving has been affected by old age, disability. illness and physical trauma – as they are put through the ultimate driving test.

For each one everything is at stake, so can they prove that they’re fit to drive?

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