Luke Pavey talks Brink of Disaster with World Screen

Mar 16, 2023

Hope on the Brink of Disaster, Luke Pavey, series producer for Brink of Disaster at Wildflame Productions, talks to World Screen about the discovery+ doc project centered on climate change solutions.

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The Wildflame Productions series, co-produced with Saloon Media and distributed outside of the U.S. by Blue Ant International, highlights what organizations and individual scientists are already working at and, in some cases, proving: there are ways to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“When it comes to big issues like climate change, we can and we should take action, whether that’s making personal choices or putting pressure on governments or industries,” Pavey stresses.

“It can be quite easy to be doom-and-gloom, but there are opportunities, and we’ve really got to tackle these issues head on and do something about them.”

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