Wales: Who do We think We Are? With Huw Edwards

Huw Edwards explores the events that are shaping people’s identities in Wales.

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Broadcasting tonight, Monday 17 October 9 PM on BBC One Wales. 

Huw Edwards looks at how the biggest challenges facing Wales, and the impacts of the past turbulent decade have shaped people’s identities and their hopes for the country’s future.

Huw Edwards travels around Wales to find out how people’s identities have been shaped by the turbulent events of the past decade and by the challenges that the country currently faces. Ten years after the landmark history series ‘The Story of Wales’ was first broadcast, when Huw summed up contemporary Wales as “an ancient people more certain of our identity than at any point in the past thousand years” has anything changed? Has the way people define themselves shifted over time, and does it affect the direction they want the country to take?


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