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In this brand-new series Dara Ó Briain unravels the most intriguing mysteries surrounding the worlds pyramids. His destination is Egypt, where some of the most spectacular pyramids dominate the landscapes.  

Dara explores the mysteries of these phenomenal structures and joining him is archaeologist Raksha Dave and Egyptologist Dr Chris Naunton.  With their help, Dara will unravel some of the questions still unanswered: ‘How were the pyramids built using massive blocks of stone, so heavy that even today a modern crane would struggle?’ or ‘What were the pyramid’s true function?’, and ‘If tombs, why has no-one ever discovered a Pharaoh in any of them?’

With so many questions, there will always be conspiracy theories, which sceptic Dara will endeavour to demystify through archaeological, historical, and scientific findings and tell the story of the Pyramids.

Now on Channel 5 

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